Our commitments

A love of wood, the most ecological and renewable source of energy available, is at the heart of Maison Pechavy. Naturally, Maison Pechavy’s commitment to sustainable development played a central role starting from the creation of its first products.

From the beginning of her adventure, creator Carine Pechavy chose to seek out bio-based materials and either local suppliers or suppliers with the lowest possible carbon footprint.
Her goal was to offer customers the products they want which combine refinement and environmental responsibility.
Our firelighters are made from wood wool from sustainably managed forests, which is then coated in pure food-grade, odour-free wax.

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Maison Pechavy products are not only good for the environment but also your health. This is because our matches and firelighters are chemical-free, preventing the emission of harmful fumes or fine particles during combustion. Maison Pechavy also showcases French artisanal expertise through the work of perfumer-chandlers for our scented candles, local papermakers and even wood crates for new collections and future products.

The firelighter cases are made in Lot-et-Garonne (Southwest France) and are PEFC-certified, and our candle and fragrance boxes are also produced in France and FSC- and PEFC-certified.

Maison Pechavy products are made from fully recyclable materials, including cardboard sleeves, glass jars, and wood.

Moreover, our firelighters are refillable, so you can keep the decorative box and refill it with firelighter sticks from an eco-pack.

Maison Pechavy has been run by a small family group in the wood and energy industry since 1919. As a key player in the circular economy, each entity controls the life cycle of the products they design, from manufacture to recycling.