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Discover the range of MAISON PECHAVY mohair throws created in collaboration with BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN, a French manufacturer with the EPV label. MAISON PECHAVY has designed these mohair throws in the colours of its flagship collections Bleu de Prusse, Carbone, Céladon, Gismonda, Joséphine and Victoria... Do you love colourful, chic and cosy firesides? This excellent mohair throw is for you. Available in 6 vibrant colours, these throws bring a touch of colour and elegance to your home.

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Mohair plaid, a quality fibre

The wool of our mohair plaids is made from the fleece of the Angora goat. A natural fibre of excellence, this wool is soft, comfortable and silky. Known for its thermoregulating qualities, mohair is suitable for all seasons. In winter, it provides soft warmth. In summer, it prolongs evenings outdoors. It is produced from the shearing of the finest livestock in the world. It is then transformed by a renowned Provencal weaver, Brun de Vian-Tiran. Of extraordinary quality, the mohair wool fibres are long and therefore easier to weave. This wool has also been selected for its whiteness, which offers vibrant colours once the fibres have been dyed.

French made mohair throws

Maison Pechavy designed these throws and Brun de Vian-Tiran manufactures them entirely in its workshops in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France. Brun de Vian-Tiran has been working since 1808 to sublimate the noble wool fibres (alpaca, cashmere, llama, merino and mohair). From the elaboration of the yarn, to the labeling, through dyeing and weaving, all the steps are mastered in this Provencal factory. A company classified EPV: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) with excellent know-how. By choosing partners who hold this label, Maison Pechavy creates chic, useful and eco-responsible products.

A chic decoration by the fire

Maison Pechavy creates an elegant and cosy atmosphere around the fireplace. Each mohair blanket is available in a unique colour: yellow mohair blanket, white & yellow blanket, green mohair blanket, blue mohair blanket, pink mohair blanket... Each blanket can be combined with one of Maison Pechavy's favourite colours: Prussian Blue, Carbon, Celadon... Ceramic scented candles, natural firelighters, long matches or handmade candles: the essentials to create a chic atmosphere by the fireplace.

A sober & elegant design

Designed by Carine Pechavy, these mohair plaids are made up of unique, custom-made colour pairs. The factory weaves the two colours of yarns to make these wool plaids. Two complementary and elegant bands of colour are harmonised on each blanket. This sober design allows them to be integrated into all styles of decoration and all rooms of the house: sofa, bedspread... This mohair blanket is a decorative ally to warm up your decoration. Its size is ideal to cover a sofa or an armchair. You can of course wrap yourself in it to enjoy a moment by the fire.

Easy care mohair blanket

This mohair plaid is easy to care for and has standard dimensions. The pure mohair wool fibre does not retain dust and is not very dirty. Regular shaking of the blanket is sufficient to remove dust particles. Dry cleaning is recommended once a year. Hand washing can also be done with little detergent, very little spinning and drying flat.

The only drawback is that mohair wool is scratchy, so the wool fibres may fall out at first. Shake your rug when you receive it to remove any excess hair. Don't worry, the rug will remain intact, always beautiful, soft and silky.

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