Firelighters & matches

Maison Pechavy firelighters and matches are 100% natural and eco-friendly, and therefore good for your home and the planet. Essential and practical tools to easily light your fires, including fireplaces, wood stoves, inserts, fire pits and barbecues. They are also very chic, making them real decorative items. Available in various colours, boxes of long poplar-wood matches and natural wood wool firelighters blend in wonderfully with your décor. In the summer as in the winter, these ecological firelighters and untreated wood matches are the perfect accessory to your barbecue or fireplace. Maison Pechavy’s spirit and commitment lie in an environmental approach in beautiful packaging.

Allume-feux naturels et allumettes pour cheminée et barbecue

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40 natural fire starters and 40 assorted long matches

Nude Essentials

Price €25.00

Firelighters and two boxes of matches

Nude Collection

Price €20.00

Firelighters and small box of matches