Fine candles

Discover a wide range of candles. Artisanal and French candle boxes with matching long matches. Scandinavian candles that don't drip, or festive candles, available in different formats. Illuminate your evenings with this selection of refined candles and opt for the recycled glass candle jar to create a warm atmosphere.

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Fine candles | Maison Pechavy

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Natural fine candles

MAISON PECHAVY fine candles are handcrafted and manufactured locally by the Ciergerie des Prémontrés. Labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company), it is the last candle factory in Provence that perpetuates this ancestral know-how.

These elegant decorative and fine candles are made by hand. The manufacturing method of the candles known as "à la plongée" allows to shape conical candles, thinner at the top. The cotton wicks are arranged in a U shape on wooden sticks, fixed on frames and then dipped in wax by the wax craftsmen. The color pigments are sprinkled in the melted wax. The colors obtained are lively and sometimes surprising to create unexpected shades. The wax used is a combination of food kerosene and vegetable wax of high quality. It does not drip, burns slowly and does not emit smoke. Once lit, the candle offers a soft and pleasant glow.

Fine candles for a chic atmosphere

Thanks to MAISON PECHAVY fine candles and long matches, take pleasure in decorating your interiors by placing these fine candles in bright colors in MAISON PECHAVY candle holders: brass or wooden candle holders. Very thin at the base, these candles fit in adapted candle holders and not in a standard candle holder.

MAISON PECHAVY has imagined the golden candle holder to allow you to highlight a thin candle in all classic candle holders or candlesticks (transparent glass, vintage, crystal, old...) and this thanks to its double function.

These decorative candles add a touch of light and color to your home. Create an elegant and romantic atmosphere with the different colors of MAISON PECHAVY decorative candles. Table decoration, fireplace decoration, these candles will enhance your decoration. Lighting the flame of a decorative candle will create a warm atmosphere and illuminate your evening. A lit candle offers an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. For the decoration of your wedding or Christmas tables, these candles add a touch of chic to your atmosphere!

To decorate your fireplace or centerpiece, place your candles in our luminous candle holders, light a match to illuminate the wick of your candles & enjoy a cocooning evening.

Think of associating the scented ceramic candles with these colored candles to create a harmonious whole.

Fine candles & long matches

MAISON PECHAVY long matches are unique, declined in a panel of vibrant colors, these match boxes bring a touch of color to your decoration, your party tables and mantels. These long matches make it easy to light your fine candles. Plus, the match head matches the design of the box! Light the wick of your fine candles without risk of burns!

The MAISON PECHAVY boxes composed of 10 fine candles & a matching box of 40 long matches is a perfect gift idea! Impress your guests with this luminous duo! MAISON PECHAVY offers these boxes with a brass candleholder, it will highlight your fine candles! Ideal for the decoration of your tables or mantelpieces.

Candles in various sizes

MAISON PECHAVY offers you a range of candles in various sizes & always made from natural materials.

Decorative, cylindrical or useful candles, Scandinavian candles create a cosy and warm atmosphere thanks to their flame offering a unique light. In a glass bell, lantern or transparent vase & even in your fireplace that you no longer use these classic candles bring style & chic to all interior styles.

Exit the tealights, led candles or electric candles & opt for the natural glow of an authentic candle. Small or large candles, MAISON PECHAVY offers several sizes of candles. 

Made of stearin, the Danish candles are of very high quality because their combustion is very slow, they do not give off any smell and they do not drip.

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