Fireside & scented candle kit

Essentials for a wonderful fireplace or wood stove experience, plus a 180 g Laüsa scented candle.

This “fireside” kit is a must-have for the autumn and winter season for the perfect fire-lighting experience around the fireplace, wood stove or insert.

It includes all the things you’ll need to have a special time at the fireside: 

- A Maison Pechavy essential set including a box of 60 natural firelighters and 2 assorted boxes of matches. Long (22 cm), elegant and safer matches, and smaller (11 cm) matches, both made from untreated poplar wood. You can choose the colour of your essentials kit by writing us a message with your order.

- Eco-pack of 30 firelighters Made from 100% natural wood wool from sustainably managed forests, these firelighters help you light any fire in a fireplace, wood stove or insert safely, easily and reliably. These natural firelighters are coated in pure, odour-free wax to help you start any fire without emitting any harmful smoke in your home.

- Kindling from chestnut trees in Maison Pechavy’s homeland in Dordogne, Southwest France. Chestnut wood is drier and softer than oak, making it perfect for lighting a fire. It provides short-lasting heat and is one of the best woods for burning. It also comes with a stylish burlap bag to easily store your kindling near your fireplace.

You'll also get a Laüsa scented candle (180 g) in a small 100% cotton pouch printed with the Maison Pechavy logo. 

The glow of this scented 100% vegetable wax candle and its cosy notes of lavender and patchouli will make your fireside a peaceful place of reflection.   

Fireside & scented candle kit

Essentials for a wonderful fireplace or wood stove experience, plus a 75 g Laüsa scented candle.

- Our Maison Pechavy Essentials kit includes:

- a box of 60 natural firelighters

- 2 assorted boxes of matches: 35 long matches: 11 cm, made from untreated poplar wood, and 40 extra-long matches: 22 cm.

- an eco-pack of 30 firelighters and a box of 35 long matches

- 30 litres of kindling from chestnut trees from Dordogne, Southwest France, and a burlap bag made in France.

- a Laüsa scented candle (180 g) made from 100% vegetable wax 

All you need is your firewood to complete this kit and make the perfect wood fire.

- Natural firelighters help you light any fire: fireplace, insert, wood stove, barbecue or fire pit. One stick is enough to light any fire. Slow burning time: 8 to 10 minutes.

- the burlap bag can store larger quantities of kindling. - Use the top-down technique to light your fire. Place large logs at the bottom of the hearth, then medium-sized logs perpendicularly on top, the kindling, then the firelighter at the top.

- The  scented candle (180 g) will transform your fireside into a moment of relaxation. 

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