Danish candles that don't drip!

Set of 5 white danish candles

Non-drip candles

Non-drip candles are traditional in Denmark. These high-quality Danish candles are slow-burning, odourless and drip-free.

These candles are made of 100% stearin, which is of vegetable origin. This composition extends the burning time compared to a conventional candle.

Bring the Hygge lifestyle into your home

Their glow creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for sober decoration, these Danish candles will look great in the Folies 1919 candleholder.

Light these Danish candles, certified Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and start a fire with Maison Pechavy firelighters and dive into the Hygge lifestyle.

Discover the whole universe of Maison Pechavy's chic decorations: handmade candles, candleholders, plaids, etc.

-5 Danish candles of white colors

-height 24.5cm

-diameter 2cm

- 100% stearin (vegetable wax)

These non-drip Danish candles are used indoors, with no draft. A phenomenon of dripping and faster combustion appears in outdoor use.     

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Secure Payment

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Customer service

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Commited brand

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