Ten handcrafted fine candles Maison Pechavy
Bundle of fine candles Maison Pechavy

Set of 10 fine candles Peonie

10 handmade candles Peonie

The PEONIE bundle is composed of 10 handmade candles: 5 powder pink, 3 grey and 2 ecru. An assortment of powdered colours for a sober decoration.

Bundle of handmade candles, made in France

This bundle of handmade candles is a collaboration between Maison Pechavy and the Ciergerie des Prémontrés. Labelled as a Living Heritage Company (EPV), this candle factory works to maintain an ancestral know-how in the manufacture of candles, which is why we chose to work with these craftsmen.

The delicate conical shape of these candles is the result of the ancestral method known as "à la plongée". The craftsmen position the U-shaped cotton wicks on wooden rods, which are attached to frames and then dipped in the wax.

The soft, powdery colours are achieved when the waxmakers sprinkle the colour pigments into the melted wax. The wax used to make these candles is a mixture of paraffin and natural wax. This combination of waxes allows us to offer you high quality handmade candles, which do not burn slowly and do not emit smoke. Sit back and light your fine candle and relax in its glow.

Bundle of handmade candles, chic decoration

To compose your chic and zen decoration, discover our line of candleholders specially designed to receive these handmade candles. Adapt your decoration according to your desires; Art-Deco with the FOLIES Collection, Nature with the Collection of wood-brass candle holders.

And if you wish to decorate with your candle holders, opt for the duo of holders/adapters. By inserting the narrow part of the holder into your candleholder, you reduce the diameter and you can now create the decoration of your choice.

You can also use the holder/adapter by placing it on its base, the wider part. This candle holder will be the chic touch to your interior decoration.

- Bundle of 10 candles 5 powder pink, 3 grey and 2 ecru

- Height 30 cm, from 0.8 to 1 cm in diameter at the base

- Burning time : 2h30

Follow your desire and decorate your dinner tables with these handmade candles

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