Ten fine candles Clivia Maison Pechavy
Bundle of fine candles made in France Maison Pechavy

Set of 10 fine candles Clivia

10 handmade candles Clivia

The CLIVIA bundle is a duo of colours offering 5 pastel yellow and 5 white handmade candles. Two colours that decorate in a soft way.

Bundle of handmade candles

This bundle of Clivia candles is made according to the ancestral method "à la plongée". Our collaboration with one of the last candle makers in France, certified EPV, allows us to promote French craftsmanship.

These elegant candles are made in a number of steps; the craftsmen place the U-shaped cotton wicks on wooden rods, attached to wooden frames and dipped in wax. Thin, cone-shaped candles that are thinner towards the top emerge.

The delicate and stunning colours are achieved when the craftsmen sprinkle the colour pigments into the wax. The wax that forms this bundle of handmade candles is a mixture of paraffin and high quality natural wax. Light your fine candles and enjoy a slow burning and smokeless candle.

Bundle of handmade candles, decoration

Our bundle of handmade candles will be displayed in the candleholders specially designed and created to receive them. Maison Pechavy develops its range of candleholders to satisfy all styles of interior decoration.

FOLIES for Art-Deco ideas with brass candle holders. Our collection of wood and brass candle holders will satisfy the more natural styles.

And if you prefer to decorate with your own candle holders, we suggest you use our duo of candle holders/adapters. Made of French brass alloy, these two candle holders will allow you to reduce the diameter of your candle holders to receive your bundle of handmade candles. You just have to insert the narrow part in your candle holder. On the other hand to decorate the house with elegance and sobriety, if you put it on its base, the wider part.

These handcrafted candlesticks are a real decorative asset that can be adapted to all festive tables: birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc.

- a bundle of 10 candles: 5 pastel yellow and 5 white

- Height 30 cm, between 0.8 and 1 cm in diameter at the base

- Made in Provence by a company with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

- Burning time: 2h30

Follow your desire and decorate your dinner tables with these handmade candles

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