10 fine candles Douceur d'Automne Maison Pechavy
Bundle of 10 handcrafted candles Maison Pechavy

Set of 10 fine candles Douceur d'Automne

VAT included

10 handmade candles Douceur d'Automne

The AUTUMN COMFORT bundle is a combination of 4 colours: 3 lilac candles, 2 tobacco candles, 2 ivory candles and 3 linen candles. A bundle that will complete the decoration of your home with balance.

Bunch of handmade candles made in France

Maison Pechavy collaborates with one of the last candle makers in France and can therefore offer you this bundle of candles with a delicate conical shape and elegant autumnal colours. The candle factory we work with is EPV certified and applies the ancestral methods of French craftsmanship.

The "plunge" method is the one used by the craftsmen to make our candles and the Douceur d'Automne bundle is no exception. The craftsmen place the U-shaped cotton wicks on wooden rods, attach them to frames and then dip them in wax.

This high quality mixture produces handmade candles that burn slowly and without smoke.

Bundle of handmade candles, decorative potential

In combination with other bundles, this bundle of handmade candles and its elegant colours will give you more than a thousand decorative ideas. On your festive tables (birthdays, christenings, weddings, etc.), on the mantelpiece, on a bookcase, they adapt to all your desires.

Their handcrafted manufacture results in a fine diameter of 1 cm, so we suggest you use our candleholders made specifically to receive it. And if you want to make room for your candle holders in combination with the candle bundle, use the candle holder/adapter duo. The adapter side is the narrower side and will allow you to reduce the diameter of your candle holder to accommodate the candle. The wider side can be used as a candle holder, for chic and discreet decoration.

- With a diameter of 0.8 to 1cm, these candles are not standard and must be combined with our range of adapted candle holders.

- Indoor candles. If placed outside, the wax may leak.

- Use these candles creatively in your interior decoration: centrepiece, console, fireplace.

- Do not leave a burning candle unattended

Follow your desire and decorate the top of your fireplace with these handmade candles.

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