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recycled glass candle jar

Glass Candle jar

VAT included

Cylinder made of recycled glass. Practical, bottomless.

Height 40 cm, diameter 10cm.

Comes with a non-drip Danish candle.

Sold without candleholders.

Discover our Maison Pechavy recycled glass candle jar. It has been custom-designed to surround our fine candles and candleholders to protect them from draughts. So you can enjoy the soft light of our handcrafted candles even outdoors. You'll be able to illuminate your summer evenings in style.

Practical glass candle jar

Ever dreamed of setting a table outside and lighting candles without the wind blowing them out? The Maison Pechavy glass candle jar makes it possible. It protects all candles from the wind and prevents wax drips often caused by the ambient air. So summer dinners lit by the soft light of real candles will be pure moments of happiness. Forget fake candles!

Open at the top and bottom (bottomless), this tube-like candleholder is very easy to use. Simply place the candle-holder and candle directly on the table, then position the candle-holder around the elements. The candle is easy to light thanks to our long matches. Once burnt out, it can be easily replaced, repositioned and moved without difficulty or risk of burns.

This transparent glass candle-holder is 40 cm high, to protect Maison Pechavy's tallest candles and candle-holders.

This photophore, also known as "storm glass", is of course compatible with all types of candle.

Glass candle jar for perfect decor

Thanks to this transparent glass candle jar, colorful handmade candles can finally be used outdoors. You'll be able to take care of your table decorations and set a table with a variety of themes: country, romantic, multicolored, Mediterranean...

Better than LED candles, you can now decorate your outdoors with real candles. Terrace, garden or balcony, you can create a warm atmosphere in any space.

As well as being extremely practical, this candle jar is also a decorative object. Arranged as a table runner, it highlights decorative candles and decorates the center of a table. Placed on the floor around a larger candle, it lights up like a lantern to mark an entrance or path. Perfect for weddings, christenings or birthdays. It adds a touch of elegance to a table setting, and allows candles to be used in complete safety for a luminous setting.

The intensity of the candle flame remains intact thanks to the transparent glass. The flame continues to flicker slightly in the wind without going out. The candle burns completely and evenly, without dripping.

To preserve the brilliance of your brass candleholder, we advise you not to leave it in the open air after use.

Eco-responsible glass candle-holder

This candle-holder is made from recycled glass to respect our commitments to the environment.

- Recycled glass candle jar. Has a few bubbles due to the artisanal manufacturing process.

- Cylindrical shape.

- Height 40 cm

- Diameter 10 cm

- Colour: transparent glass

Place candle holders and candles on the table and place the candle jar around them. If you are lighting the matches outside, we recommend that you light them out of the wind and close to the candle wick. We invite you to light the candle before placing the candle jar around it.

Don't use fake candles for your outdoor decorations and enjoy the various candle colours we offer.

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