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1920 Brass candleholder and candle jar

Folies 1920 Gold candleholder

Duo of gold candleholders in solid brass for classic candles. Accompanied by 2 white Danish candles that don't drip.

Discover FOLIES 1920, our new gold candleholder, in solid brass for classic candles (diameter 1.8 cm to 2.2 cm). It can be stacked and used on both sides.

Modular gold candleholder

Designed by Carine Pechavy, this solid brass candleholder is the latest addition to the FOLIES collection of Art-Deco candleholders.

This brass candlestick FOLIES 1920 is dedicated to classic candles. It is suitable for candles with a diameter ranging from 1.8 cm to 2.2 cm.

It can also be stacked. Two, three or even four. You can create modules of different heights and use your inspiration to decorate every space in the house.

Gold candleholder for elegant decoration

This small gold brass candleholder is a must-have decoration. In accumulation, it brings elegance to a coffee table. It will also find its place in a niche or on a wooden shelf. Placed in the centre of a table and adorned with coloured candles, it is perfect for a ceremony table or a simple lunch or dinner.

Are you planning a celebration? This candleholder is an essential. With its sober and pure lines, it goes with all floral decorations and all styles of crockery or table linen. Think about it for your events. Discover our tips for an elegant table decoration.

To preserve the shine of your brass candlestick, we advise you not to leave it in the open air after use.

Ethical gold candlestick

Chic, useful and eco-responsible, this is our credo at Maison Pechavy. This candleholder was made in France by a manufacturer who also uses a French alloy. The packaging of these candle holders is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. It was entirely manufactured by a local partner. The packaging of these candleholders in their case was done by a local medico-social centre, which allows the social and professional integration of adults with disabilities.

- Two solid brass candle holders.

- Made in France from a French alloy

- Recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging. Manufactured by a printing company based in the neighbouring department.

- Packaged by an Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail (ESAT), which enables the social and professional integration of adults with disabilities

- Height: 3.5 cm

- Diameter: 4.6 cm

These candleholders can be used for table decoration and anywhere in the house. Stacked, accumulated, they are chic and sober. They can be easily integrated into any style of interior decoration.

How to care for your candleholders? We advise you to use a product dedicated to the maintenance of brass such as Miror or Starwax. It will remove fingerprints and restore the shine to the brass. Wax residues can be easily removed with warm, slightly soapy water.

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