adapters blue matchox and fine blue candles
Two adapters, candles box & long matches Bleu Paon
Two adapters made in France
Brass candle holders and blue handmade candles
Candle holders and handmade candles

Adapters, candles & matches - Bleu de Prusse

Two brass adapters, a set of 10 handmade candles with 40 long matches - BLEU DE PRUSSE

This set features Prussian Blue, a captivating colour that plunges us into serenity. A beautiful set that marries the blue with the golden colour of the brass adapter.

Handcrafted candles in striking colours

Our candles are made by a craftsman who maintains the French know-how by working according to the method known as "à la plongée". This ancestral practice has a number of stages. First of all, the artisan-waxmaker positions the U-shaped cotton wicks on wooden rods, attached to frames that are dipped in wax.

The colour pigments are sprinkled into the melted wax. This is how the candles are given unexpected colours, such as Prussian blue.

The wax used to make these candles is a mixture of edible paraffin and high quality vegetable wax. Once lit, the candle burns slowly and does not emit smoke.

Adapters for all decorations

These adapters have a double function. Simply use them as candle holders that only hold handmade candles or in a classic candle holder. To do this, place the narrower part in your favourite candleholder. The diameter is thus reduced and your candleholder can hold a candle and once again harmonise your decoration.

Matching long matches

Maison Pechavy long matches will allow you to light your candles but also the fire in your fireplace, wood stove, scented candle, etc. Made from untreated poplar wood, they are natural and do not emit any smell.

The very elegant box of these matches is not to be outdone, as it will be the decorative touch on your fireplace mantle.

Combine the deep blue of this box with a bundle of candles.

- A bundle of 10 Prussian blue candles. Height 30 cm, between 0.8 and 1 cm in diameter at the base.

- Two brass candle holders

- a box of 40 long matches BLEU DE PRUSSE in untreated poplar, length 19.5 cm

- Made in Provence by a company with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Follow your desire and decorate the top of your fireplace with these handmade candles associated with the box of long matches.

Do you want scented candles? Discover our range of natural candles from 500 gr to 75 gr, made in Grasse.

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