fine candles, matches and adapters

Adapters, candles & long matches - Nude Parme

Two brass holders/adapters, 10 handmade candles and a box of HEBRIDES long matches

The Nude range is completed with this new combination of handmade candles to leave room for delicacy.

The NUDE PARME set includes two holders/adapters, 1 brown, 2 tobacco, 2 ecru, 3 parma and 2 purple candles with a box of HEBRIDES matches.

100% clever holder/adapters

This holder/adapter is both a chic and clever decoration idea.

If you want a chic look, use it as a candleholder. Simply place it on the widest part, the base, and place the candle on it.

The chic and clever idea is to use your favourite candle holders to hold your handmade candles. To do this, place the narrower part of the candle holder/adapter in your candleholder and place your candle in the adapter. Your candleholder will find a place in your decor thanks to our candles. Clever, isn't it?

100% French handmade candles

These handmade candles are as elegant as they are stunning. They are made by one of the last EPV-certified candle makers in France, using the "diving" method. We have chosen to maintain the French know-how by associating ourselves with craftsmen who make the candles according to this ancestral method.

The "plunge" method consists of three main steps: first, the craftsmen position the U-shaped cotton wicks on wooden rods, then attach them to frames and finally dip them into the wax. This process produces thin, conical candles that taper at the top.

For the amazing colours, the rendering is obtained by sprinkling the colour pigments in the melted wax. As we want to offer you quality candles, the wax composition of our candles is a mixture of paraffin and natural wax of high quality. You can light your candles with complete peace of mind, as they do not emit smoke and burn slowly.

The duo of holders/adapters and these handmade candles Nude Parma, will elegantly decorate the tables of parties (birthday, baptism, wedding, etc.).

100% natural long matches

Chic, useful and eco-responsible, these long matches have everything to please you.

The matches are made of poplar wood, which has not been treated in any way. The packaging of these matches is made of fully recyclable cardboard.

The matchbox has an unexpected advantage, place it on your fireplace, coffee table or other piece of furniture. It brings a touch of colour in all elegance.

The length of our matches is perfect for lighting your handmade candles but also a wood fire, a scented candle, etc., in complete safety.

To optimize your decoration, discover our candleholders 100% made in France

Candle holders/adapters :

- Two brass candle holders/adapters

- For a candle of about 1 cm diameter

- Base diameter 41 mm

- Height: 2 cm

- Made in France

Handmade candlesticks :

- 10 Nude Parma candles: 1 brown, 4 ecru, 3 parma and 2 purple

- Burning time: 2h30

- Height 30cm, diameter between 0.8 and 1 cm at the base.

- Candles made in Provence by a company with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Long matches :

- A box of 40 Hebrides long matches in untreated poplar, length 19.5cm.

Follow your desire and decorate the top of your fireplace with these handmade candles associated with the box of long matches.

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