Reed diffuser and a refill Retour d'Aden Maison Pechavy

Retour d'Aden perfume diffuser and refill

Retour d'Aden perfume diffuser and its refill 100ml. The ideal duo for an endless olfactory journey.

This diffuser and refill duo allows you to perfume your home with your favourite scent for longer.

A unique signature fragrance

Retour d'Aden is a journey between East and West, reminiscent of the power of the ocean. The mysterious and bewitching essences of sandalwood and amber intertwined with bergamot smoked tea transport you to a cozy 19th century boudoir.

This unique scent was developed in close collaboration with a perfumer from Grasse who works for a major perfume house. A true home fragrance whose olfactory bouquet can be combined with all interior decorations.

This olfactory signature contains only natural raw materials and absolutes in order to meet high quality standards. We exclude controversial substances such as CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) and phthalates.

Useful and easy to use

Remove the lid of the glass bottle, screw on the wooden ring and place the rattan sticks in your diffuser. By capillary action, the rattan sticks will absorb the perfume and subtly diffuse it into the air.

Enveloping notes will embalm the room. A pleasant olfactory signature for guests visiting you.

For a stronger fragrance, you can reverse the direction of the rattan stems. You can repeat this operation regularly.

Made of glass, the perfume diffuser is infinitely reusable. Once the container is empty, you can pour your perfume refill into your diffuser. You can enjoy an additional 2 months of addictive fragrance in your home. This way the rattan stems will remain impregnated with the fragrance for the home.

Chic and ecological

The glass diffuser, its refill and the filling of the "juice" (maceration, glazing, filtering and packaging steps) are all made by the same manufacturer with 30 years of experience in perfumery. The wooden ring and the packaging of the perfume dispenser are also made locally, a few kilometres from our premises.

The smoked glass bottle and its wooden ring will find a place on a table, shelf, bookcase or mantelpiece to bring a touch of chic. Nothing could be easier to create a cosy and warm atmosphere!

Enhance your cocooning atmosphere with a scented candle, a home fragrance spray, a ceramic candle, etc.

- 110ml bottle of perfume, in a glass bottle that can be recycled ad infinitum.

- 8 rattan sticks

- Made in the Grasse region.

- Locally packaged

- Refill: 100ml bottle in recyclable glass and aluminium cap


- Wheat alcohol

- This home fragrance has been developed to avoid as much as possible the harmful substances found in most home fragrances: CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) or Phthalates. Our perfume does not contain any of these controversial substances. Retour d'Aden contains carefully selected essential oils: bergamot, cardamom, cade, lemon, cloves, patchouli, nutmeg, labdanum and thyme.


Olfactory pyramid

- Top notes: Earl Grey tea

- Heart notes: Sandalwood

- Base notes: Wood fire, Amber

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