Candles & long matches box Bois de rose

Box of 10 candles with 40 long matches Bois de rose

Discover this very beautiful set in shades of BOIS DE ROSE. A box of 40 matches with soft pink foliage and 10 fine candles in shades of WOODEN ROSE: powder pink, white and pink dragée.

Very fashionable, the rosewood keeps the tenderness of a pink while being nuanced and chic, a combination of warm colors that brings a touch of originality to your home.

Manufacture of candles

The candle making method called "à la plongée" allows to make tapered candles, thinner at the top. The cotton wicks are arranged in a U shape on wooden sticks, fixed on frames and then dipped in the wax. The color pigments are sprinkled in the melted wax. The colors obtained are lively and sometimes surprising to create unexpected hues. The wax used is a combination of food kerosene and vegetable wax of high quality which does not run, burns slowly and does not emit smoke.

Our extra long matches

Maison Pechavy XXL matches are perfect to light a fireplace, a scented candle or a candle jar. Very elegant, these long colored matches dress up the mantel with style and give it a touch of color. Very practical because they are very long, these matches allow you to light the fire in complete safety.

Highlight the candles

Light the flame of these decorative candles and create a warm atmosphere, natural candles made in France. Arrange these fine candles in our bronze candle holders. These handmade candles from 0.8 to 1cm in diameter add a touch of light to your interiors. Create an elegant and colorful atmosphere with the different MAISON PECHAVY collections.

The candles

- Bundle of 10 candles: 4 powder pink, 3 white and 3 pink dragée

- Made in Provence by a company with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Long matches

- 40 long matches made of untreated poplar wood

- Length 19.5 cm

- Made in Europe

Décorez vos intérieurs avec ces cierges fins colorés, ils apporteront lumière et fraîcheur à vos intérieurs.

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