Pouch containing 5 boxes of matches

Organic cotton pouch containing 5 boxes of matches

A stylish pouch made from Fairtrade-certified organic cotton and manufactured in India to hold 5 boxes of small matches made from untreated poplar wood. 

The Fairtrade label indicates products manufactured according to fair social, ecological and economic criteria. The factory that makes our pouches and burlap bags has a strict code of ethics with emphasis on fair wages, safety and well-being in the workplace. The whole system focuses on women’s independence. 

Find your favourite colours in this set of 5 boxes of small Maison Pechavy matches (11 cm). 

Available in our Bleu Paon and Bleu Orage shades of blue and Original Celadon and Vert Sauge shades of green and Terracotta. 

The perfect gift for yourself or others, this set features a beautiful colour palette that will liven up your summer kitchen, barbecue area, fire pit or winter fireplace. 

Can also be used to elegantly light candles and candleholders. 

5 boxes of small matches

- Box of 35 small matches.

- Length:  11 cm 

- Sticks made from untreated poplar wood. 

- Designed in France and made in Poland. 

Strike the matches on the side strip to light any type of fire: wood stoves, fireplaces, inserts, barbecues, fire pits and even scented candles. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.

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Commited brand

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