Fragrance diffuser Laüsa Maison Pechavy

Laüsa Reed diffuser

Reed diffuser 110ml and 8 rattan reeds

Maison Pechavy invites you to discover its new Laüsa home fragrance diffuser.

Perfume diffuser, a popular scent

Maison Pechavy offers you this home fragrance diffuser with unique notes. LAÜSA is Maison Pechavy's signature scent. It evokes sweet moments near a wood fire. It is composed of Carine Pechavy's favourite accords, such as patchouli & lavender.

Laüsa, this singular fragrance takes you to a warm fire on a winter evening. Let yourself be enveloped by the light, woody notes of the fire, combined with those of lavender and patchouli. This diffuser will subtly perfume your home for several weeks.

This unique fragrance was developed in Grasse in close collaboration with a perfumer from a major perfume house. Natural materials have been used to give character to this signature fragrance. The essential oil of patchouli brings sophistication to this home fragrance.

Perfume diffuser, easy to use

For scenting every space in the house, this diffuser is perfect! It will continuously perfume your home with an addictive scent. It's easy to use, just remove the lid from the glass bottle, screw on the wooden ring & dip the rattan sticks in. The 8 sticks absorb the perfume and diffuse it with subtlety in the air, without paying attention. By capillary action, the perfume will travel up the sticks and invade your rooms with irresistible fragrances.

Tip: for a stronger fragrance, reverse the direction of the sticks. You can repeat the operation regularly for an optimal result.

The Maison Pechavy perfume diffuser is infinitely reusable. From now on, perfume refills will allow you to enjoy your favourite perfume again!

Ecological perfume diffuser

This perfume diffuser allows you to enjoy a unique atmosphere in complete safety. Indeed, the perfume has been worked on avoiding controversial components as much as possible. The fragrance does not contain any CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic). The fragrance is combined with wheat alcohol which does not contain phthalates. This substance is often used as an alcohol denaturant and can be harmful to health.

Our perfume diffusers are manufactured a few kilometres from the Maison Pechavy premises with the greatest respect for French perfumery.

The packaging of this perfume diffuser has a limited impact on the environment. They are ecological, locally made & easily recyclable.

You can therefore perfume your homes with this fragrance that respects your interior and its occupants.

Chic perfume diffuser

The olfactory identity of your home is a reflection of your personality and your state of mind. It marks the guests passing by. It is important to take care of it as much as possible.

This fragrant bouquet will fit in with any style of decor. This smoked glass bottle associated with its wooden ring finds its place easily and brings a decorative touch. On the mantle of your fireplace, console, hallway furniture or bookcase, this capilla diffuser, sober and elegant, adapts perfectly to all decorations.

Create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home.

Discover the whole olfactory universe of Maison Pechavy: room spray, scented candle...

Olfactory pyramid 

Top notes: Lavender 

Heart notes: Vetiver 

Base notes: Patchouli, wood fire


Perfume diffuser 110ml, in glass bottle, infinitely recyclable.

8 natural black reeds 

Lightly printed cardboard box. 

Made in France

The interior perfume

The fragrance of this diffuser has been worked on to avoid as much as possible the harmful substances contained in most of the home fragrances on the market: CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic). Our fragrance does not contain phthalates (except for traces of substances from natural materials). The Laüsa fragrance contains essential oils of patchouli, lemon, cloves, sweet orange and thyme.

After removing the lid of the bottle, simply dip the sticks in and enjoy a long fragrant moment. This CMR and phthalate-free perfume diffuser allows you to create a cocooning atmosphere without any risks.

The MAISON PECHAVY home fragrances are worked to perfume your home in a sophisticated and durable way. This perfume diffuser finds its place next to the decorative scented candles or Maison Pechavy room spray.

This perfume diffuser is a real scent for the house. It can even be used as an air freshener, to eliminate any bad smells. Just like the eau de toilette you use to perfume yourself, the Maison Pechavy range of home fragrances create an olfactory identity for your home.

Thanks to this diffuser, your interiors are perfumed for several weeks.

For all home fragrances: avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children, animals and away from all flames or heat source

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