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Longues allumettes vert sauge
Coffret d'allumettes Maison Péchavy Bleu Orage, contenant 40 allumettes en peuplier naturel de 22cm.

Long matches Vert Sauge

Box of 40 extra long matches (22 cm) made in untreated poplar.

Chic and useful long matches

This MAISON PECHAVY long match box forms a harmonious whole with the GREEN SAUGE collection of natural firelighters. These XXL matches adorned with a pretty green colour and the century-old MAISON PECHAVY tree will enhance your interior.

Both useful and very elegant, our long matches allow you to light a fire (stove or fireplace), a scented candle or a barbecue, without risk of burns.

Eco-friendly long matches

These giant matches are made from poplar and are not treated in order to respect the atmosphere in your home.

Light a candle or a natural fire starter easily and safely and create a soothing fireside ambiance.

The chic touch: the heads are coloured and match the case!

Discover the whole universe of Maison Pechavy: scented candles, plaids, firelighters, etc.

  • - Box of 40 extra-long matches.
  • - Length:  22 cm 
  • - Sticks made from untreated poplar wood. 
  • - Designed in France and made in Poland. 

Strike the matches on the side strip to light any type of fire: wood stoves, fireplaces, inserts, barbecues, fire pits and even scented candles. 

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.

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Commited brand

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