Coffret "Indispensables" Maison Péchavy avec sa boîte d'allyume-feux, et ses deux boîtes d'allumettes en peuplier naturel.
Coffret "Indispensables" Maison Péchavy avec sa boîte d'allume-feux, et ses deux boîtes d'allumettes en peuplier naturel.

Original Essentials

Set of 56 natural firelighters and a box of 35 long (11 cm) and 40 extra-long (22 cm) matches made from untreated poplar wood

Natural, useful and eco-friendly fire starters

The Essentials natural fire starter set is the essential kit to become a wood fire pro. 56 fire starters and two match boxes containing 35 small and 40 long matches.

The fire starters are woven from natural wood wool and impregnated with pure, odourless wax. This means that you can start your fire without any harmful smoke or unpleasant odours for the people around you.

Place 1 fire starter stick in the kindling and use a long match to avoid burning yourself. Practical and useful, isn't it?

The stems of the matches are made of poplar wood and are not treated.

Natural firelighters with elegance

The Original collection carries the MAISON PECHAVY colours, celadon green. The firelighters are stamped with a tree, symbol of nature and source of inspiration.

The whole set allows you to decorate your corner by the fire with style.

- 60 natural firelighters: 100% natural mechanically twisted wood wool sticks from sustainably managed FSC-certified forests. Coated in pure, natural, odour-free wax for easy lighting. Chemical-free - leaves no deposits on your fireplace, wood stove or insert. Made in Germany to guarantee superior quality.
- 35 long matches: 11 cm, made from untreated poplar wood.
- 40 extra-long matches: 22 cm, made from untreated poplar wood.
- The firelighter packaging was designed and manufactured in Agen, Southwest France.
- Our products are also packaged in our warehouses in Agen.

- These natural firelighters help you light any type of fire in fireplaces, wood stoves, barbecues or fire pits. One stick is enough to light any fire. Slow burning time: 8 to 10 minutes.
- Long matches make lighting fires easier with less risk of burns.
- Use the top-down technique to light your fire. Place large logs at the bottom of the hearth, then medium-sized logs perpendicularly on top, the kindling, then the firelighter at the top. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.

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