Multicoloured birthday candles
Multicoloured party candles

Party candles Dolce Vita

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Set of 20 long party candlesDolce Vita

Maison Pechavy loves moments of reunion, moments of celebration. That's why we are developing our candle range by offering you these delicate and pretty party candles. When the "dolce vita" joins the party, this set includes 20 festive candles: 5 purple, 5 fuchsia, 5 yellow and 5 fluorescent orange

Festive candles, handmade

What if, following the tradition of birthday candles, you offered candles made according to a French craft tradition?

Maison Pechavy birthday candles are made by the Ciergerie des Prémontrés. This factory, certified as a Living Heritage Company, maintains an ancestral know-how in the French manufacture of candles and tapers.

The method used to make these very fine candles is called the "plunge method". The master candle makers place the cotton wicks in a U-shape on wooden sticks, which are attached to frames, and then dip them into the hot wax at 70°C.

The candle makers obtain the bright colours of the festive candles by sprinkling the colour pigments into the melted wax. The result is amazing.

These festive candles burn slowly, do not emit smoke and therefore allow you to enjoy their elegant flame as often as you like.

Festive candles, decoration for all occasions

These festive candles will be your allies for all festive occasions: birthdays, religious celebrations, Mother's Day, etc., all very rich in emotion.

Maison Pechavy offers you a wide choice of festive candle sets. The variations and combinations of colours allow you to choose your candles according to the theme or the colours of fine handmade candles selected for your party.

Perfectly decorate a big and tasty raspberry birthday cake!

- 20 festive candles: 5 purple, 5 fuchsia, 5 yellow, 5 fluorescent orange

- Average height 20 cm, base diameter 0.5 cm

- Made in Provence by the Ciergerie des Prémontrés. Company with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label

- Burning time: 1h-1h30

Prick the candles well to stabilise them.

They can be relit immediately and your child can blow out the birthday candles as many times as he or she likes.

Elegant decoration in a vase with sand or in floral foam.

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